Hello and welcome to my web log. 

This web log is about the creation of my music, or in other words……..

the beautiful ever changing kaleidoscopic multi-dimensional canvas of life.

Thank you for stopping by.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Josie Dwyer Dauterive said

    Hi Julio,…This is not your normal e-mail. ..I am trying to find out if your mother is named Kim… Kim Carlton married Julio DiBenideto TV diector in 1962-63
    Lived in NYC….Moved to Calf appox 1965….If so I was her roommate in NY…Lost track many years ago…Have been looking for her for years…Many thanks….Josie

    • Julio Di Benedetto said

      Hi Josie……many apologies for getting back to so late. I rarely come on here and have not noticed your post before.

      Yes Kim was my mother and I say that as she passed away in november 2004. Please contact me at Digitalvoices@mac.com and we can talk some more.

      All the best….Julio

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