Composed, Performed & Produced by Julio Di Benedetto 2011.

Synthesizers :: Access Virus TI & Oberheim Matrix 12

Mastered by Taylor Deupree @ 12k Mastering 

Photography & Design :: Julio Di Benedetto

Pathway to Pelada is a long form musical composition that takes the listener on a journey of aural dark tone imagery.  There is uncertainty as the path leads into the unknown and yet with this comes a guiding light to illuminate and offer safer passage. Edgy dronescapes  and drifting synthesizer pads wash over the darker timbres as the pathways course is navigated.  In a sonic atmosphere of half light and shadow the path only reveals what is immediate with each step and glance, what is there in the moment .   Music available at Bandcamp  




August 12, 2012


The Digital Voices logo is a graphic interpretation of the Zen monk Sengai calligraphic masterpiece.
Here are a few words illuminate the deeper meaning of these symbols….
“These are the three fundamental forms of the universe…..the circle is finite infinity, timeful timelessness. The triangle is fixed, unalterable natural law, perfect in the galaxy. The square is human and vulnerable, the house, the castle & the city” R.H.Blyth
“The circle represents formlessness, emptiness or the void, where there is yet no separation of light and darkness. The triangle symbolizes the beginning of form out of formlessness. The square is a combination of of two triangles and represents the multitudinous of things…in short the symbols are a creation story” D.T.Suzuki.