hearts of space

February 23, 2009

” When music turns electronic, the twist of a knob can change everything. Sound has hidden dimensions that can transport you to new, virtual environments. In fact, we have a whole genre based on this quality called Ambient music. Fueled by dozens of sophisticated new sound sculpting technologies and digital space machines, in the last 30 years we’ve built a vehicle we can fly almost anywhere.’


from Hearts of space program # 28 “the edge of the world” produced by stephen hill.

The Hearts of Space radio show has been broadcasting since 1983…… it is the best place to listen to electronic / space / ambient music .click this link to visit the internet site…. Hearts of Space



February 20, 2009

Im very happy to post this review of my cd “living at a higher frequency”  Remy Gravel was involved in the earlier recordings on the cd….. he can be reached here    www.aquariushealth.webhealer.net



 Julio Di Benedetto is a revelation.

Genius artist, he has been initiated to the art of sound creation by entities from the 4th dimension for more than 8 years, in the secret of his studio, in a place anciently called Atlantis. What you hear, see and feel does not belong to today’s world. You access a star gate where time does not exist and where ancient civilisations meet those who have not yet emerged. The textures your body will be in contact with does not belong to our elemental table. Intense pleasure is experienced all over, even by the subtlest of your bodies. It’s a time of true spiritual awakening.


The tremendous beauty of the spaces you will explore will transport your soul to such elevated plans that are far beyond the human realms where some dark aliens try to confine our present humanity.


This double album is a symphony to the glory of our extra terrestrial origins, the divines ones. The power of the Gods and the grace of the Goddesses will take you to their dance with the Universe. Be prepared for the journey, do not fear to face them, but enjoy their vastness, their creativity, their joy and trust the message of pure Love, Peace and Power they share with you. Create the proper space for the meeting to take place: secure an undisturbed room, a pair of quality speakers, dim the light, with a straight spine breathe long and deep, gently turn the power on, close your eyes and enjoy the infinite richness of the deepest bliss.


Yes, remember who you are and where you come from, and who are your friends and family. That’s the message.


Remy Gravel