Behind the names

December 21, 2008

I have been thinking about what the track titles signify on the cd “living at a higher frequency” and why I choose them. some are just random things that come to mind at the time and some have a deeper meaning

track 1 disc 1, forest river sky….. the opening sequence suggested to me an ancient forest or jungle full of life and from that image came the flow of a great river meandering through leading to a deep blue sky with a sun pulsing its sustaining energy.

Ryokan……was a japanese zen monk and poet and I was reading his poems at the time of composing this track. Ryōkan

Back to center…….this track was composed at a turning point in my life, when finally after being out of balance for so long, unknowingly, I had come to a place the was harmonious and serene, I had come back to center.

Love tones…..while writing this track, the rhythm and bass and slow drive of the track suggested to me the multiple pulsing sensuality’s of making love.

Tracks 1 through 7 on Disk 2 of Living at a higher frequency dealt with the passing of my mother, Kim, who the cd is dedicated to.  The tracks are about the loss, the celebration of a life and the coming to terms with……the most important track for me is track 7  writing on water, the track title comes from the book “The Tibetan book of living and dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche.   I want to create a piece of music that reflected the impermanence of life so I tried to compose a track no more than 1 minute long, less if possible….well the finished track as it appears on the cd is anything but that.  writing on water is just over 14 minutes long.  Actually it is quite fitting as my mothers life was just as big, far reaching and spirit free.  On a musical note writing on water shows the power of the Alesis Andromeda synthesizer as most of the track was composed on this keyboard

here & now…….. this title came to me as the track was completed.  we have access too so much human history  and knowledge, with so many future possibilities, the only thing that we can contend with is the here & now.  an appropriate end to the cd and a step towards Living at a higher frequency.