track sequence & timeline

September 9, 2008


the tracks on the cd follow a liner timeline, in other words the first track, forest river sky was record in 2001 and the last track , here and now,  was record in 2006.   This timeline is quiet long and although I originally want to mix all the tracks up to create a different feel and flow, I found that I could not break them up,  I could not mess around with this timeline.  as the person who played and recorded these tracks, I was locked into their own history, and they do have a small history even though it cannot come out in the music, or can it?


Disc one


1.   forest, river, sky *

2.   a point on the horizon

3.   ryokan

4.   open your eyes *

5.    waveland *

6.   aquamarine

7.   rheomode

8.   back to center

9.   inner departure

10. enox

11. momentum

12. love tones 


Disc two



1.   carbon

2.   inscape

3.   living each breath

4.   thinking of you surrounded by light

5.   lifewave

6.   silver wings

7.   moving on

8.   writing on water

9.   source code

10. I am sequenced

11. here & now




drums & software

September 6, 2008

Drum machines like the roland tr-808 and 909 have certainly made their mark in modern music of many styles.  Loved, hated and feared they were and still are classic beat machine for electronic music.  today with so much sample driven sounds they seems refreshing and honest, for machines.

As I am a drummer it has been a strange adventure writing music with the software drum machine/samplers of today.  Native instruments Battery has been my soft drum kit of choice.  laying down rhythm tracks that appear on the cd “living at a higher frequency” I would create an array of unusual computer based rhythms and sounds within Logic and as the song progressed I would at various stages drum along on my roland v-drum kit.  this mostly served to check the groove of the song, how my part flowed with the music and almost disappeared or not.  quiet often I would end up recording my drum part and incorporating it into the work in progress.  Laying down the main groove with actual drumming and then hitting that groove with computer generated percussion proved to be a successful partnership and much of the cd demonstrates this.

finalized cd concept

September 2, 2008

this is the layout that goes to the manufacturer……it shows the inside and cover side.  cd’s will rest in clear trays over the black  & green panels.  great job taylor deupree!