In praise of logic…..

August 27, 2008

I have been using Logic audio recording and editing software for the last 10 years.  Not too long ago it was called Emagic’s logic audio (platinum) and I was recording into a PC.  Well that all changed when Apple bought logic and turned it into a mac only app…… apple did extend support for about a year, could be less, but made no more versions for windows based PC.  Best thing that ever happened, now a software app was owned by the same hardware manufacturer. The digital audio workstation came into its own!  Logic Pro as it is called now while in apples care, is like the artist canvas, audio is represent graphically and can be moved, manipulated, cut & pasted, copied, compressed equalized and deleted .  Its a beautiful thing to see sound…..

below are a few screen shots of a few tracks on the cd

Screen shots for the track inner departure


screen shots for “I am sequenced”



Serge modular design

August 27, 2008

These are the dpi graphics of my the Serge panels showing the layout of modules within each panel.


My Serge modular…

anyone interested in the serge please check out this link

 Egres – The Unofficial Serge Page

The Alesis Andromeda…… 16 voices of analog complexity, simplicity and rhythmic dream sequencing



Moog source….. doing bass keyboard duty as only a moog can



Roland alpha juno 1…..pads, bass, leads and external clocked sequencing


Waldorf micro Q……a digital synth thats all about wavetables.


cd cover design preview

August 26, 2008

below is the first versions of the cd cover… its looking good

this is taylor deupree’s first version of the cd cover (above) based on my concept….. its visually striking but as he said there was not much room for the package to breath.  I agreed and we went with his concept below which I really like


After much thought I decide that I would do the mastering, even when I know full well you should not master your own music…..why, well thats another long story not to be dealt with here.  Then I started to think that the music would be missing something without those warm tube, solid state circuits, audiophile converts and acoustically tune room….. the mastering engineers tools. So I sent a few tracks to Carl Saff: Mastering Engineer just to see.  

I was right…..the tracks came back with a tone that only analog can bring. The music had a wider soundstage and presence, there is a sweet balance between the frequencies and a quality that is hard to put words to……

Im looking forward to hear the finished master


Im excited to have Taylor Deupree, founder/artist of 12k records doing the graphic design work for “living at a higher frequency”….. artwork will be available soon  

cd cover ideas

August 14, 2008

heres the first version of the cd cover and panels for the double disc digipack…..this is cut and paste the old fashion way.


Work has begun on my debut cd titled

living at a higher frequency….. selected electronic works.

 It will be a 2 cd compilation with music that crosses several genres of electronic music.  The music was written between 2001 – 2006 and is from a much large collection of music that amounted to 4 separate cd’s.  

The poet Robert Graves said that poetry should be written on wax tablets and that maybe only one or two poems from a poets life works should make it to print.  Trying to following this “tough” philosophy I have attempted to do this and of course failed. What would there be to listen to and could one or two piece of music say it all.

Having let this music sit for some time I have been able to put a certain distance between  myself and the sounds.  It is very autobiographical of the time and events in my life.  Listening to the music now is like browsing the pages of ones diary: time distills.

the music touches on several different styles of electronic music and though the percussive tempo and pulse of the music may vary, I hope that the tracks share a common theme…..

“the beautiful ever changing kaleidoscopic multi-dimensional canvas of life”